Photo Moments App instructions

   1.  Download "photo moments app" by clicking on the download link at the bottom of your gallery invite email.


  2.  Once downloaded, go back to the email and select the gallery link. it should automatically open in the photo moments app.


  3. type in credentials - gallery password, name, and email. (you should only have to do this once)


  4.  Click on the square icon with an arrow through it at the bottom left of the page to download. You can choose to download all the images, or download individual images by selecting them.


We recommend "hi-res download" Instagram and social media posts. Instagram lowers the quality of large image files, choosing this option should ensure your images look their best on social media.

Choose "original file size" when downloading to mobile device for personal use. this will give you the highest quality large images.

IMG_1105IMG_1105 IMG_1106IMG_1106

See video for step by step guide: