Photo Albums vs. Photo Books: The Breakdown

Photo Albums are a substantial, heavier option, kind of like a formal coffee table book.

Photo Books are more lightweight, and are thinner.


Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.51.07 PMScreen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.51.07 PM


1. Paper type

Photo Book images are printed directly onto your choice of press paper (semi-gloss, linen, or pearl)

Photo Album images are printed on Kodak Endura professional Lustre photo paper, just like a traditional Photo Print

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.45.56 PMScreen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.45.56 PM

2. Construction

The pages in a Photo Book are printed directly onto press paper and then bound onto a thinner cardboard that can bend.


This is where you will see a slight gap in the design if you have an image that goes across two pages like this: see photo


LAY flat syle



3. Page style

All Photo Albums have what is called “lay flat” or “flush mount” pages, meaning there is no break or binding that disrupts the flow of a spread from page to page. This allows you to create striking panoramic spreads or to get creative with two-page layouts.


Photo Books are available in a Classic style (with traditional book binding) or a Lay Flat style. The Lay Flat Photo Book style differs from an Album in that there is a small “gutter” between the two pages in each spread. This gutter would could interfere with the design: see photo


Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.46.26 PMScreen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.46.26 PM


4.Cover options:

Beige, Black, Navy

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.49.43 PMScreen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.49.43 PM