Album Directions





  1. You pick 50-80 of your favorite photos in the gallery on my website by clicking the hearts on the top left side of the image (when in Thumbnail view)

  • The more images you choose the more congested your album will be
  • During the design process we will try to use all the images you choose but may have to cut some out for layout/design purposes  
  1. You send me the photo picks through my website:

  • Click the “my selection” button on the top left of the page
  • You’ll be taken to a new window with a folder containing all your favorite images
  • Click the “share favorites” button on the top right of the page and choose “send to photographer”  
  1. We create a layout from your picks

  1. We send you a slideshow draft of the album for your approval

  1. We make any necessary adjustments and send you a re-draft

  1. You approve the final re-draft and pick your cover color/material.

  1. We order your albums ~ yayy! :-)

  1. I will let you know when it is ready to be picked up

  1. We meet up and I drop off your awesome album to you! :-)



Then we all do a happy dance because your album is finished and looking gorgeous! Yay! :-)